Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Blogging Challenge Day 1 #NaBloPoMo

Today's blogging challenge from Blogher, is "Who did you play with as a child"?

I am the middle child of three; my older sister is seven years older and my brother is two years younger. I remember wanting to hang out with my sisters' friends when they would have slumber parties or get together's at our house. I loved being with my sister, I looked up to her. My sister and I are nearly complete opposites. She's fun and likes to have parties, at least she was that way in school. She always had a boyfriend and hung with a large group of people. I was painfully shy and serious; still am to an extent. Having her as my sister was great because in many ways, she helped me come out of my shell, a bit. She was always willing to let me hang with her and her friends, likely because I was quiet and didn't pose any problems for her.
My younger brother and I are also opposites. He was always outgoing and never knew a stranger. He had some problems with his behavior; both at home and in school. Because we were close in age, we went to the same school and by default, played together. There are both good and bad memories, as anyone has with their sibling. But, when you have a sibling with behaviors, sometimes violent, there tend to be a lot of negative memories. Your siblings help form your character and are your original playmates, which makes a lot of sense to me, as I'm guarded with allowing people into my life. Because of my extreme differences with my siblings, I think it's carried with me throughout adulthood and I've only had very few close friendships.

Some of my best memories of playing as a child was on our large back porch. I loved to play "office", where I sat behind a desk and organized papers. Another "game" I enjoyed was playing church. We had an organ and I remember pretending, with my brother, that we were at mass. Yes, I suppose I was a weird child! I cannot forget some of my best playmates as a child, animals! We always had cats and I cannot imagine my life without them. I care so much for all of the "pets" we've had throughout my life, that they are more like family, and definitely like close friends.
I definitely learned to play alone and to enjoy my own company too. That is a valuable lesson that I carry with me today.

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