Monday, October 22, 2012

Fun Saturday with Family

This weekend I visited my family who lives two hours south of where I currently live. I had a great day hanging with my mom, sister, nephews and their girlfriends. I had a rough week prior, so it was nice getting away and visiting. Where I live now, I don't have any family near me. In fact, I don't really have any friends here either. I am pretty isolated since I don't work and rarely get out of my apartment. I see my doctors routinely, but other than that, my husband and I will go out to eat on occasion, otherwise I'm home. It has nothing to do with being agoraphobic or being afraid of crowds; which is farthest from the truth. In fact, Saturday was the annual homecoming parade in my hometown and the girls always get together to watch. If I were afraid of crowds, you certainly wouldn't find me there!
Mississippi River, near the new casino. 
After the parade, we went to lunch and it was delicious! We had mexican, which is probably my favorite food, I had their homemade guacamole and salsa. I could eat that every single day! After lunch we went to several antique and clothing stores. I didn't buy anything, but found a cute window screen that I was going to buy, it was only $5, however the store didn't allow debits under $25, so I didn't get it. I rarely carry cash. After the stores, we drove to where the new casino was being built, in fact, it's going to open next month. We decided that we would all dress up in fancy dresses and have a night on the town and go there. That would be a lot of fun. Afterwards, we returned to my mom's house and looked through some old photos. Overall, it was a great day. The weather and company were just perfect. When the day was over, I told my mom that it was days like this that I really think about moving back home. There is really nothing keeping me where I'm at now. Later that night, my sister texted me saying she wishes I would move back, before I had even mentioned my thoughts to do so. I have to work on my husband to see how he feels. I think, overall, we both would enjoy it. We would have family support and there would be more reason for me to get out of the apartment more. We're currently in a lease until August, so there's plenty of time to make the decision. Like any decision, there are pros and cons to consider. We have lots of time to figure it out.