Sunday, April 22, 2012

That's Lady Sofa Dweller To You

As you may know, or assume just by looking at my blog, I love everything to do with pop culture, especially TV! Since I am no longer working, I have made an art out of TV watching. I often call myself a Lady Sofa Dweller vs. Couch Potato; it's a more refined description. As you may also know, I type up a daily, nightly, TV lineup based on the new episodes of shows that I watch. There's a link on the header of this blog, with the tab titled Nightly TV lineup. It's my tumblr blog in which I go through the TV guide/lineup and set up various shows to record based on their being new episodes. I know that I leave some shows off the lineup, but I only type the ones that I watch. So, if you see it mentioned on the lineup, then you know it's a new episode! I often joke that my DVR smokes because of all of the shows that I watch. I've recently downsized a bit by getting rid of a few shows that I just don't care for, including Grimm and Awake. Both shows are good, but they just didn't hold my interest like others. I would definitely agree that both Sunday and Tuesday nights are loaded. I currently have just over 100 episodes of various shows on my DVR, a few at risk of being deleted due to their age; so I need to get busy!

As you can see on the right side of my blog, I have a widget for my GetGlue account. It's a great sight where you can earn stickers for checking in to some of your favorite shows, and the specified shows that will award you with a limited sticker. You must check-in while the show airs, otherwise you risk not getting your sticker. You can also have the actual stickers mailed to you; I've not done this as I've no interest in having stickers, but I do like to earn them. My newest, favorite app is from Viggle. Viggle is an amazing app, where you check-in by tapping your screen for it to "listen" to what you're watching in hopes that it recognizes it. Once the app recognizes what you're watching, it will post it on your phone; the app is currently with iPhone only, however, Android phones are soon to get the app. Once it recognizes what you're watching, it will then allow you to check in to the show. Once you check in, you can also share it to your twitter or facebook feed. Each show and each share gives you reward points that can be redeemed for actual rewards. I have already redeemed $15 worth of gift cards from Barnes and Noble. It was simple, I clicked redeem and I received an email with the e-card number. I ordered the book I wanted using the e-card information and presto, simple! All of that took less than 10 minutes! Oh, I forgot to mention, the app is free! I am currently working my way up to 375,000 pts to get an iPod Touch; they also offer gifts such as a Kindle Fire or Apple TV!

With both of these apps, I know I feel much, much better about my love of TV. I feel like my being a lady sofa dweller is really paying off. If you're a TV addict, like myself, you must have these two apps to keep you company. They're really a no-brainer.

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