Friday, March 16, 2012

Looking for a few good blogs

Yes, that's right. I love to blog, but I also love to read what others' are writing. I tend to follow blogs that pertain to one of the following: discussion on veganism, fashion, art, writing, and health. If you have a blog that falls under one of these topics, please leave a comment. I'd love to follow you.
I'm currently using bloglovin, which I just love! I have a link to follow my blogs via bloglovin on the right side; it's the flashing Eiffel tower. I also installed the chrome extension for bloglovin, so once I add your blog to follow, it will give me a number update indicating how many new posts are ready to read.
I think that anyone starting off as a newbie blogger, should first and foremost, start commenting and reading other blogs. That's typically how one starts to develop their own follower base and it's a great way to connect with what others' are talking about.
Again, let me know if you have a blog worth reading and loving! :)


  1. Hi, know you from Fibro Bloggers Directory and followed you here. i have a positive blog about helping the immune system
    and i write health articles for GNN Good News Network Health

  2. Thank you. Will check out your blog! :)